Blogging Tips from Blog Better Boston – Blogger Conference

I was an attendee at the Blog Better Boston conference on Saturday.   I met some amazing bloggers and sponsors, and it was inspiring to hear the panelists share their blogging tips and experiences.  Some of the information is common sense, however,  it was imperative for me to hear it from the “veterans” and see their perspective of the blogging world.  I learned a lot and want to highlight and share with you what I thought was momentous:

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Free time

Casual Saturday

Saturdays are great because I can run errands while the husband does daddy-duty.  There’s a quite a bit of birthdays in December, so I had to send some packages at the post office, then stopped by the library to drop off some books, and I got my holiday shopping started and got a few things.   It was really nice being able to shop in PEACE and not having my kids running around from aisle to aisle. :)

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Fad diets – Why you should not follow them

No FAD dietFad diets are the ones that offer quick weight loss to overweight or obese people. Most of these diets claim to work in a matter of three days or one week. They are all about diets that assure weight loss in a matter of days, but they do not go into any depths to explain them. In fact, a lot of experts have opined that fad diets can be quiet harmful for people.

These fad diets pretty much make use of the fraction of the population that is so desperate to lose weight that they will try anything. They also make use of that section of the population that is trying to lose some quick weight for that big occasion round the corner. However, several fitness experts and nutrition specialists maintain that these diets do not work in the promised manner. Mostly, this is because of the fact that most of the weight loss that occurs in the body as a result of the fad diets is a muscle loss and loss of water. This does not actually make any effort to reduce the body fat.

What is more, these fad diets are quiet difficult and most people are incapable of actually following them right to the T. Most of them just do not follow the diet and they slip back into their old routines. Now, the minus point is that when a person drops the fad diet, they end up gaining weight much quicker than before. There have been studies that show that this form of back and forth juggling between a fad diet and a normal diet can actually be responsible for further weight gain, several health problems and a shorter life span.

Most of the fad diets do not really mention any of the health risks either. This leaves the person participating in the diet to feel their effects first hand. But there is one question that has been left to ask. How do you know when some diets are fad diets? It is quiet simple. A fad diet is one that will tell you that you’ll be able to lose weight really quick. At this point, it is important for you to remember that losing weight in a healthy manner will always take some time. The fad diets also promise that you can hang on to all your favorite things and still lose weight. In fact, most fad diets claim that you can have all the fried items you want, not exercise and still lose a lot of weight. Some fad diets also offer very limited food options. This reduced the amount of balance in your diet as it does not include too much of variety.

There are some simple ways of finding out whether one is trying on fad diets or not. Fad diets do happen to be a little shady and unclear. They have advertisements that are based on cheesy before and after photos. They also usually have a lot of random doctors giving testimony for the fact that their diet is really good. If you see any of these shady advertising processes, do not follow them – they are certain to be fad diets!

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Spain 2

Beautiful Spain

Happy Hump Day!  Hope all of you are having a great week so far.  :)  So much has been going on this week, so I haven’t really been able to find time to take photos for my next post.  So, I decided to post some photos from this Summer.  :)  Hubby and I went on a 9-day getaway to Spain this past June (without the kids!), and I have to say we had the most amazing time!  The food was unbelievable, shopping was awesome, and the people are just so beautiful and friendly there.  I’ve been to several cities in Europe, but Barcelona is definitely one the most beautiful places I’ve been to.  I know I’ll be doing a repeat trip in the future.  Aside from the fact that we missed our babies, we DID NOT want to come home!

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